Technical Requirements...

Davy the Punk has been designed to work in a variety of halls, whether soft-seaters, studio theatres or community halls. Its technical set up is dirt simple.

Please send us pictures of the stage and the stage seen from the back of the hall. The pictures can definitely save a thousand words.

Wherever possible, Bob likes to chat with the venue’s tech person a week or so before the show to clarify set up details.

Stage and props

Bob performs in a small space, usually downstage centre-left, moving among 3 positions that can take up an area as small as 6 feet by 6 feet, though preferably 8 feet by 8 feet. (On a large stage, these three positions can stretch across the whole stage, provided sight lines are left for the images on the screen or scrim, as below.)

For props, he needs a bar-stool-height stool, a lectern or Manhasset-type (solid black, tiltable) music stand, a guitar stand, a low box on which he can have a glass of water, and another low box for his laptop – which generates the images – to sit on.

(In some instances, depending on the venue and how he is arriving, Bob can provide everything the show needs with him.)


The performance area can be lit as one setting . However, where it is possible it is good to have one "special", focused on the stool, which usually is the farthest stage right of Bob’s three positions.

Projection of images

In addition to the performance area, the show requires a scrim or screen onto which images can be projected by a digital projector. The lighting needs to be focused so that Bob can be lit without excessive bleed onto the screen. Where possible, the images should be projected large onto a scrim on the back wall of the space. However, in smaller or more simply equipped venues, the pictures can be projected onto a portable screen set up stage right, or even to the right or left of the stage.

Bob changes the images himself by remote control. The venue needs to provide a digital projector with an AVI and/or HDMI cable that will connect to the Bob’s laptop. (Again, in some instances, depending on the venue and how he is arriving, Bob can bring the projector with him.)


In an intimate space (seating 60 or so) no sound amplification or reinforcement is needed, unless the room is singularly dead, or the audience particularly old. In a medium-sized hall, Bob will plug his guitar into a DI box, and, for voice, use a radio headset mic which he brings with him.

In some instances, by prior arrangement, Bob can provide the sound system.

Set up

Set up usually takes less than an hour but where possible it is good to have some extra time in case there are unexpected problems.


That’s it.