Order a copy of Davy the Punk

We are now filling orders for copies of Davy the Punk. If you order, we will mail the book to you within a few days – autographed, un-autographed, personally inscribed, you name it. Or you can order an e-book (as a pdf file). Or multiple copies at a discount. Read on.

Is the book available in electronic form?

Yes, as a pdf file from the publisher, Porcupine’s Quill, and for only $5. (Too cheap if you ask me.) Go to http://store.porcupinesquill.ca/content/davy-punk-bob-bossin.

Can I buy Davy the Punk in stores or on line?

Yes, with some qualifications. You will find Davy The Punk on Amazon, at abebooks.com and as a an e-book (pdf ) at Google Play. In Canada, Davy should be available (and can certainly be special-ordered) through better independent bookstores. A list of some of these stores appears at http://porcupinesquill.ca/ordering_books.html.

Davy is not likely to be available except by special order through Chapters/Indigo because of, er, difficulties independent Canadian publishers have with the chain.

If you are not in Canada, it will probably be hard to find the book in stores. It is probably easiest and cheapest to order from me, below.

How much does it cost?

For one book, mailed to a Canadian address, the price is $23 plus $6.50 shipping and handling, so $29.50 total. There is no shipping and handling charge on Gabriola Island.

Mailed to the US, the book price is still $23, but shipping and handling become $10, so the total is $33.

If you buy 3 books, we will take $8 off the total price, and let you know the (reduced) price of shipping and handling. It depends on where you are.

If you buy 8 or more books, we will take $4 off the price of each book and let you know the cost of shipping and handling.

Can it be sent Express Post or courier?

Sure, as long as you send the extra postage.

Where do I sign?

Right here. (If you prefer a printable order form click here.)

Please fill in this order form:






Postal Code

Phone Number

Email Address

Shipping Address (if different)

Number of Copies Ordered


Total Cost (including shipping)

Option: I am adding

for special delivery service.

Do you want the book autographed? Y N

If personally inscribed, to whom?

Comments or Questions

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How do I pay?

Have you filled out and sent the above form? Good. Thanks. Next, click the "Buy Now" button, below. This will take you to the PayPal site. Enter the total price for the tickets you have ordered. Then, if you want to pay by credit card, click on the "Continue" link above the little credit card symbols on the lower left-hand side of the page.That will take you to the credit card payment page.

By the way, PayPal will call your payment a "donation." Don't worry about it. Just figure a PayPal donation has the same relationship to a real donation as a Facebook friend has to a real friend.

If you are having trouble, email bob@bossin.com or phone 250-247-7476.

* By Paypal or credit card, click:

and follow the prompts.

* Or by cheque or money order: Make cheque out to Bob Bossin and mail to:

2455 Islandsview Dr.

Gabriola, BC, Canada,

V0R 1X7.

Thanks. I hope you enjoy the book.