• “Fascinating... amazing and sometimes hilarious.” - Michael Enright, CBC Radio
  • “A memoir of a childhood that is the stuff of dreams and movies.” - Si Kahn
  • “Fascinating, funny, dark and poignant, a vivid portrait of an unforgettable man.” - Silver Donald Cameron
  • “A smashing success. The capacity audience was enthralled.” - Eric Stein, Artistic Director, Ashkenaz Festival, Toronto
  • “Davy the Punk is a touching and very funny portrait of a part of Jewish Toronto that too many people like to pretend wasn't there.” - Michael Wex
  • “It's fuckin' great.” - Joe Medjuck, producer of Up in the Air and Ghostbusters
  • “Our audiences loved it. Davy the Punk is a triple crown of music, wry comedy, and affecting family reunion." - Frank Moher, Artistic Producer, Western Edge Theatre
  • "Bob Bossin is funny, informative and inspiring at the same time." - Pete Seeger
  • "A thoroughly enjoyable and revealing romp through the historical underside of Toronto the Good." - Lilian Nattel
  • “Sold out a month in advance. Bossin puts his audience at ease and then zaps them with one surprise after another.” - Leslie Parrot, Artistic Director, Gabriola Theatre Festival
  • “What Lou Reed would sound like if he lived on Gabriola Island.” - Jeff Goodes, CBC Radio
  • My father's life in Toronto's gambling underworld of the 1930s and 40s.
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Photo Credit: Paul Kay